The speed of business is real-time!

Work is no longer a place you go; it’s what you do wherever you are. C3tek’s Cloud Fax is a virtual fax service that gives you the ability to send/receive faxes from any email-enabled communication device while you are on the go. The result is a cost-effective solution that delivers communications efficiency and improved response time to document requests.

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Keep your number

  • Transfer your number to us
  • Get a local or toll-free number and we will take care of the rest
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Send email as a fax

  • Attach a PDF document to your email
  • Enter fax number and send to any fax machine
  • An email alert is sent to provide fax status
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Receive fax as an email

  • Incoming faxes maybe sent to several email accounts or to a single account for privacy.
  • Every fax received generates an email alert to notify you a when new fax has arrived.
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Keep faxes confidential

  • Without paper there's no sensitive information left out in the open on a shared fax machine
  • Faxes are kept private
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Go green

  • No ink, paper or fax machine is required.
  • C3tek's Cloud Fax is an eco-friendly solution that allows you to print important faxes and archive the rest electronically.
Plans start at $14.95/mo

*2.5¢ for additional pages

Additional Plans Available

Cloud Fax 400

An eco-friendly fax solution
  • 400 FREE pages included*
  • Never miss a fax
  • No paper or ink required
  • No contracts