Freedom from Traditional Telephony

C3Tek’s state-of-the art IP communications service offers our customers the ability to free themselves from the confines of traditional telephony and implement SIP Trunking as a service. This allows our customers to combine their voice and data into one integrated network resulting in cost savings, reliability, and quality that is crucial to their success.

As low at $17.95/mo*


SIP Trunking

(Unlimited Plan)
  • USA & Canada calling
  • Advanced phone features
  • Big business appearance
  • Iphone, Android mobile apps
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As low as $11.95/mo*


SIP Trunking

(Metered Plan)
  • 2.5¢/min calling
  • Big business appearance
  • Iphone, Android mobile apps
  • Keep you telephone number
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Need assistance in choosing the right plan? Give us a call at 1-800-578-2220 and one of our technical team members will assist you with any questions or email us at support@goc3tek.com.

  • Save up to 50% on monthly bill
  • Significant CapEx savings
  • Business continuity
  • Free on-net calling
  • Scale call paths on-demand
  • Unified voice and data network
  • Legacy system compatibility
  • No geographical boundaries
Destinations Rates
Afghanistan 0.2
Albania 0.06
Albania Mobile 0.27
Algeria 0.08
Algeria Mobile 0.37
American Somoa 0.37
Andorra 0.03
Andorra Mobile 0.25
Anguilla 0.22
Angola 0.13
Angola Mobile 0.13
Anguilla Mobile 0.24
Antigua 0.15
Antigua Mobile 0.15
Argentina 0.15
Argentina Mobile 0.02
Armenia 0.14
Armenia Mobile 0.11
Destinations Rates
Aruba 0.11
Aruba Mobile 0.25
Ascension Island 0.61
Australia 0.02
Australia Mobile 0.13
Austria 0.02
Austria Mobile 0.17
Azerbaijan 0.13
Azerbaijan Mobile 0.32
Bahamas 0.04
Bahrain 0.02
Bahrain Mobile 0.08
Bangladesh 0.04
Barbados 0.09
Barbados Mobile 0.24
Belaru 0.25
Belarus Mobile 0.31
Belgiums 0.02
Belaru 0.25
Belarus Mobile 0.31
Belgiums 0.02
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Our NGN Network

At C3Tek, we are constantly evaluating and updating our network infrastructure to provide the best-of-breed technology that our customers demand to remain competitive in the market place. Our network is built on solutions supplied by the market's leading vendors to ensure the highest quality of service, reliability and redundancy.

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Technical Support

Our technical team uses state-of-the art tools to manage, identify, and proactively resolve service issues when they arise allowing us to provide maximum network efficiency and quality of service for our customers.